Mobile Phones with No Credit Checks

If you are looking for a contract phone with no credit checks to pass your choices are going to very limited. No credit check phone contrast where all the rage when the mobile industry first started off but today many major networks have got rid of them all together. They can still be found form smaller networks but often incur much higher costs and upfront bill payment for the usage. Sometimes these deals can be the only way to get any type of contract for people with the worst credit scores. If you are just looking for these types of contracts because you have not had such a great credit past then there are other options.

The main option here for you is a SIM only contract. SIM only contract offer great value for money and even people with bad credit can get approved on these mini mobile contracts. The lack of hardware needed to dish out these contracts by the networks mean you should get low monthly cost and high acceptance rates. SIM only contract come in all size so if you already own an IPhone, Blackberry or another Smartphone you can get the correct SIM to card to carry on using that handset with a new SIM. Speak to your network provider and they should be able to let you keep your existing number.

What the difference between no credit and bad credit?

A lot of people that are looking to get their first mobile contract worry about not passing a credit check because they have no previous credit history. However, this should not be the case; just having no previous credit history is not always a bad thing when a company is assessing your application. Just remember having no credit history is not the same as having bad credit.

There are a lot of people out there that suffer from a lack of financial history, mainly people who are newly 18 or people that don’t believe in lending money. Companies know these type of people need to start off somewhere. A small loan, credit card, car loan or even a mobile contract can be a great place to start building up your history. Make sure to stick to a low amount to pay back monthly and you can build your credit steadily until you get to a position where you are happy with what your credit score can offer you.

The best deals for first time mobile contract owners are cheaper contracts such as SIM only contracts and older phones. Today cheap contract can have just as much to offer at the latest Smartphone’s at a much cheaper price. If you are looking to get your hands on that latest Smartphone then you should pick up a SIM only deal to build your history with a network and get use to owning and paying a mobile contract regularly each month.